Less uncertainty with Olympus

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Fritz Solms Regular Member • Posts: 433
Less uncertainty with Olympus

I think what people are not taking sufficiently in account is that the camera industry is in a transition phase with the move to EVF, electronic shutters, ... Olympus Camera, which is very small compared to the giants, is in the forefront of this revolution. Once again they made a bold step in announcing basically that the E-5 will most probably be the last DSLR, though not the last four-thirds camera. As in any transition, it results in some level of pain and suffering. But Olympus is at least ahead. If I was a Canon or Nikon user, the uncertainty about the future and what to invest in would be at least as high.

I suspect that in 2-3 years time, as the transition to EVF/electronic shutter becomes ubiquitous, Olympus's move will, once again, be seen as visionary. It is also honest. Olympus has laid out the road map very clearly and we know what we are in for. We know micro-fourthirds is solidly positioned and that it will be the main stream for consumer cameras. We are also told that fourthirds will continue, but without mirror and prism. It will be pro-line only, i.e. a larger sealed body which which is better suited to the fast lenses and can absorb more components for increased functionality and battery power. I would, for example, expect that the image stabilization can remain better in the larger bodies.

I do not think that users of other products have as clear a roadmap, even though transition there is no doubt also on the cards. I would suggest the uncertainty is significantly higher there with a lot more unknowns.This may give a false feeling of comfort, i.e. that things will not change drastically.

At least we have some understanding of how the future looks with Olympus.
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