A single prime as walkaround?

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It's a great way to learn

Back in the olden days, well not that old...but when I took a class in high school we were required to have a 50mm prime lens to do most of our work on.

There are many people who believe that working with a prime lens forces you to put a lot more thought into composition and framing (when compared to using a zoom lens). Working with a prime lens makes you ask yourself "Am I too close?" "Too far away?" "At a bad angle?" "How could I make this photo better or more interesting?"....and then you kind of go from there in setitng up the photo. The joy of working with a prime lens is asking yourself all of these questions and then finally taking the shot. All of the planning I guess.

I really enjoy working with a prime lens because it makes me think so much more about what I want to put in the photo and what I need to do to get that photo. For some reason, I just don't ask myself all of these questions if I'm working with a zoom lens. But other people are different. Zooms can definitely come in handy, no question, but I like shooting mostly with primes.

So, I would say if you get the most enjoyment out of photography by using mostly primes, then go for it. Others prefer zooms. There really is not wrong or right way to do it. It's what works for you that's important and what makes you the happiest when taking photos.

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