CMOS Sensor Fabrication. Who're the players?

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Thanks for the leads, corrections, & additions.

avidday wrote:

RoyGBiv wrote:

Which players have active, large scale CMOS fabrication facilities?

Sony does.


Panasonic does.

Again, correct


Nope. Foveon used Nat Semi, and now Dongbu for their sensors.

Anyone else?

At least Canon, Samsung, Renesas, Micron, Toshiba, Sharp

Fuji went to Sony for their CMOS work, right? Custom-specifications, but Sony fabricated, IIRC

Incorrect. Fuji have a diffusion/fab outsourcing agreement with with Toshiba.

Kodak = CCD only

Nope. Kodak have had a CMOS sensor business for over a decade, and they have been scrabbling for purchase firstly with Freescale as a fab partner, then more recently with TSMC and IBM.

Y'all are very helpful.
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