A single prime as walkaround?

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Re: A single prime as walkaround?

BobT wrote:

Does anyone in this forum utilize a single prime lens as their main walkaround lens?

If so, which prime? What sort of subject matter do you shoot? I've been trying this out with my 50 1.8 and Sigma 50 2.8 Macro. Got to admit, I sure like the light weight. And....have been somewhat surprised at the few subjects that I've missed. With effort, most walkaround subjects can be captured. Is this an unusal way to shoot.? Thanks

I use a 35mm. I find 50 to close.
I may consider something wider to suit my style.

I mainly shoot stuff like interesting windows, signposts. I look for shadows and do B&W a lot. Textures always catch my eye.
And scenic stuff like landscapes, cityscapes.

It's not unusual. Most street shooters I know use a single prime. In fact, most use a fixed prime compact (Ricoh, Sigma, etc).

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