Dynamic Range of D300 is lacking ?

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Re: Dynamic Range of D300 is lacking ?

Did you notice the example? (click "Original" above image)

Tony Beach wrote:

sem wrote:

At base ISO, with careful exposure, one surely can capture more practically useful DR than the Nikon conversion is willing to chew at once.

From my experience, the DR of the D300 starts to be less than useful around 7 stops (some are more critical, and some are less critical). It's a little more than what I get from my D200 and noticeably less than I get from my A850. Regardless of what RAW converter I use, what I see past 7 stops is degraded resolution and noisy and near-monochromatic tonality.

Well, depends on your quality standards. Of course multiple AEB exposures will produce a better result than squeezing the most out of one NEF using pseudo-HDR.

First, I'm talking about Nikon's conversion of the RAW data, and there is a difference between what can be accomplished in NX and what can be accomplished in the camera. On that I'm 100% in agreement with you.

Also NX conversion is limited in DR. NX is the best at improvisation with partially blown highlights, but only as long as you set EC low enough (so the shadows are blown). But if you have a 10+ stop non-blown NEF, the NX conversion will be blown at least at one end no matter how low you set contrast etc. It seems that best results in harsh light do not rank highly on Nikon's list priorites - they care more for providing good results in good light, that's all.

Second, one has to wonder about those ludicrous DR numbers in DPR's reviews. My guess is that the settings used to attain those numbers would make for a dreadful photograph.

They operate with the term "useful DR" but they take any stop, noisy or not. Their DR score of the D90 is nearly flat line 8EV over all ISO values; while those seven-and-a-half stops are almost clean at ISO 100, they are miserably noisy at ISO 6400.

I haven't tested the latest version of ACR, but the version in LR2 and CS3 exhibit poor resolution compared to NX.

Well, everybody seems to appreciate the improvement. I've only test-driven LR3b. It seems to work fine, aside for some hue twists to gray with recovery (I hear solvable with special profiles). The best thing is that working with NEFs isn't as much hassle as with NX.

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