Comparison: P7000 vs LX5 vs G12 vs S95

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Comparison: P7000 vs LX5 vs G12 vs S95

Recently sold my Canon S90 and Nikon D90 in order to get one primary camera. The cameras I considered were the LX5, P7000, G12, and S95 (looked also at the TL500 and although an excellent camera, focal length was too short for my needs).

For me, the size of the camera never was much of a concern for me as I knew all of these would be smaller than my D90. Some people tend to focus on solely whether a camera will "fit into their jeans pocket", but personally, I could never imagine carrying a camera in my pockets no matter how small it was. Other things I saw people try to make a big deal about was whether or not a camera has a lens cap. Well, it worked fine on my D90 so lens cap or no lens cap, no issue.

No, for me there were more important factors to consider which I have outlined below. I purchased each of these cameras through and fortunately they have a very good return policy. At the time, didn't plan to actually purchase all of these and then decide, but based on the release dates, it just so happened that one would be released and then just a week or two later was another one; for example, hadn't even thought about considering the P7000 until nearly when it was released.

Please keep in mind the following ratings are based on my experiences and what I find most important in a camera. Others are welcome to agree or disagree, but remember we are all entitled to our own opinion which is all that really matters when buying a camera.

When all was said and done, it was the LX5 that stood out from the rest. From the minute I unpacked and even while shooting, it just fell into my hands with the perfect size and logical layout. Above all, the lens is amazing and having the F2.0 - 3.3 definitely sets it apart from the rest.

Had I not previously owned a DSLR, I might have gone for the P7000 as it was a close 2nd place, but just had way more than what I wanted or needed. I think Nikon did an excellent job from the design and a 28mm-200mm is very unique.

In at 3rd place was the G12. As a previous G3 and G5 owner, I am still shocked Canon hasn't returned to the days of the faster lens in the G series. After looking at the G12, I liked the camera, but not much has really changed with it and I wish Canon would had done more. All around it seemed like a good camera, but nothing really stood out to put it above the rest.

In at 4th place was the S95. Mostly the same from the S90 which I sold so that should tell you I didn't care for it too much, mainly due to the size and ergonomics.

Image Quality:

LX5 - Excellent
P7000 - Excellent
G12 - Excellent
S95 - Excellent


LX5 - F2.0 - 3.3 Leica Summicron lens - fastest lens
P7000 - F2.8 - F5.6 - slower lens
G12 - F2.8 - F4.5 - slower lens
S95 - F2.0 - 4.9 - slower lens - slower lens


LX5 - $457 (actually managed to buy mine on for $433 last week emoticon - grin)
P7000 - $499
G12 - $499
S95 - 399

Battery life:

LX5 - 400 shots
P7000 - 350 shots
G12 - 370 shots
S95 - 200 shots


LX5 - has a grip
P7000 - has a grip
S95 - flat with no grip
G12 - has a grip

Focal Length:

LX5 - 24mm-90mm (true wide angle lens)
P7000 - 28mm-200mm (maximum zoom)
G12 - 28mm-140mm
S95 - 28mm-105mm


LX5 - able to zoom and AF while recording video
P7000 - able to zoom and AF while recording video
G12 - cannot zoom nor AF while recording video
S95 - cannot zoom nor AF while recording video

Maximum Exposure:

LX5 - longer maximum exposure (60 secs)
P7000 - longer maximum exposure (60 secs)
G12 - shorter maximum exposure (15 secs)
S95 - shorter maximum exposure (15 secs)

Top shutter speed:

LX5 - faster - (1/4000)
P7000 - faster - (1/4000)
G12 - faster - (1/4000)
S95 - slower - (1/1600)

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