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John King
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Re: But how would I do that?

olyflyer wrote:

John King wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

This cat is not sitting on your chest .

{But how would I do that?}

With non-articulating screen it would not be possible to take a picture of anything on my chest, least to say with 50mm on 4/3rds.

Well I can, and did.

The evidence is the image. Olyflyer's fumbled arithmetic notwithstanding.

Yes, because you don't understand it or have no answer.

No. Because it was wrong.

My face to cat face distance = 150 mm

Camera depth from film plane to front of lens = 145 mm (E-510 + f2/50 macro at approx 200mm focus from front element to subject).

Total distance from rear of camera to subject to give the observed framing approx. = 345 mm.

Distance from rear of camera when held over my right shoulder as described approx. = 350 mm.

How very odd ... This corresponds almost exactly ... And guess what else is really peculiar, I can still see the screen on the back of the camera at this angle ... Now this really is not surprising, because otherwise I would never have been able to take this image ...

So I leave it to the audience to decide who is lying -

  • The person who took the image that could only be obtained in the manner described (with said image as the proof of the pudding ... )?


  • A couple of trolls who have hijacked most of a thread with seemingly no purpose other than to call the bona fides of that photographer into question?

Said trolls then resorting to calling the actual photographer a liar for insisting that he took the image in the manner described here, and also in many other places on this forum before any of this BS and FUD was ever mentioned ...

Maybe I am just better at taking photographs in this sort of situation than you are ...

And quite obviously I have far better peripheral vision than you or Olyflyer.

Yes, it's obvious. You apparently have a curved vision, I don't.

Not curved, just good.

AND I have never hidden the fact that while I intended to get this very shot, there was a great deal of serendipity involved in the fact that I achieved it at all. But to prove that it wasn't a fluke, I did manage to get another one of Rosa from this angle, but without using liveview. She is more obliging and far less jumpy than Lizzie, as I have always stated ...


BTW NEWMAN, if you must use big words such as "impugn" you should check out what they mean first ...

[end edit]

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