Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: If it even mattered

John King wrote:

You are falling into Mr Robert (Bob, "bobn2") Newman's belief structure where he thinks everyone must exhibit the same level of dishonesty as he does ...

That, John, is a misrepresentation of my beliefs. I do not think everyone exhibits the same level of dishonesty as I do. Many, including you, exhibit much higher levels of dishonesty that me. As I have said before, I cannot honestly say I have never lied. that is a statement that every honest person would make, since everyone (apart, apparently, from some people with autistic spectrum disorders) tells lies. It is a social necessity. I know you choose to misrepresent this statement as me being a 'self confessed liar', and that is a testament to the kind of intellectual dishonesty that is common for you. Joe has nicely catalogued your lies, dissembly and so on on his very useful web page: http://www.josephjamesphotography.com/dprban/jk . I know you hate it being cited, and even I would say that keeping a page on you is a bit obsessive (to be fare to Joe, after being subject to you attacks, libels and abuse, i understand why he does it entirely), but it is enormously useful to expose your dishonesty and routine repudiation of what you've actually said and claimed. The evidence of your lying is there. Your denials simply demonstrate your gross hypocrisy.

So, honest John, if you wish to impugn that I'm dishonest I would say, show the evidence or be seen to be a liar, again.

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