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Re: Comparison

Tony Beach wrote:

dlkeller wrote:

Tony, compare your exposure to Dave's.

Having shot side by side and compared our exposures in the field, we were generally pretty close. That said, Dave took more time processing his shots and used Lightroom whereas I used Capture One.

Well, I was pretty jammed up with Honey-dos so after importing the photos into LR late Friday night I really didn't do more than look at them a bit until Sunday late morning. I think I spent 2 or 2-1/2 hours culling from the 30 photos, processing and eventually posting 17 keepers. This was a quick first pass, after I've had some time to look at them I will select a few for the kind of processing that I can't do in LR, the "layers & masks" sort of work needed to get the last few % out of the files.

I had already noticed that the brightness in some of the photos seemed too hot, and my crummy LCD screen with its different brightness levels based on whatever angle of view I'm viewing it at doesn't help matters any for me (not that I'm making any excuses, I just sometimes tend to rely too much on what the histogram is telling me about the scene).

Here for instance is a quick side by side comparison of a basic EC adjustment of one of the photos I had in the OP (without the cropping, which of course is another one of those debatable post processing decisions):


To my eyes, lowering the EC definitely brings out more detail in the granite and makes the trees look more natural. I already knew that shot was too washed out and could be improved, it's just that I haven't taken the time to do it and what I posted the day after we went there is what I posted and I can't unpost it without leaving a hole in the OP.

If the histogram on that was anything like what you were showing me earlier in the day then there should be a lot more in there once you start pulling curves, etc. I played with the JPEG a bit and even that has a lot more detail than what you can get just by tweaking EV(though I did drop 2EV to get what I wanted).

There are lots of other things that can contribute or hurt the final photo as well, such as increasing or decreasing saturation, contrast, and sharpening. It's one thing to get the exposure and composition in the field; getting things right in the processing and post processing of the capture is what really leads to the success (or lack thereof) of the photo. As Ansel Adams said, "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

I feel his slightly lower exposure really added "pop" to the colors. Just an idea as you do have some nice pictures

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. I'm sure Dave will be pleased with what you wrote as well.

Always good to hear feedback, good or bad. I've been frequenting some sites a lot less, as sometimes it feels like posting into a vacuum. Thanks again for the above!

and I am very envious of both of you as I haven't yet visited that park.

Yosemite is a definite "bucket list" venue for just about every photographer. Hey, if things line up, we can go up there together sometime soon -- if you're interested in that.

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