A quick trip to Yosemite

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Re: It was a great trip!

Tony Beach wrote:

Dave_Anderson wrote:

Yes, often it is the last or near-last shot, though I often try to push the envelope and shoot past the ideal time, especially with sunsets. On my last Mount Tam trip, the Ranger was kind of tapping his foot at the gate waiting for me to pack up and leave - it was full dark by then.

Yeah, me too. What I meant was the last shot you keep, and I was being just a little facetious when I said it. Sometimes, it's the first shot, but we never know enough to just turn around and go home after getting the one winner of the day.

Very funny! Now I know you're kidding. Trouble is, if I were to pick that last shot as my favorite for the sake of discussion, had I gone home after that I wouldn't have the shot with halfdome, or the meadow, or the falls, or the one with my car against the mountain, or...

...I'd like to go back when there is more going on in the sky, though that's a bigger gamble.

Yeah, it's high stakes photography. Lower stakes for us being 4 hours or so away then it is for people coming from further away (especially from other countries); but still a not insignificant investment of time and money, and coming away with nothing memorable would be a bummer.

It would be, but I think we could find something in any conditions short of pea soup fog, pouring rain, or whiteout conditions. If the two of us got all the way up there and found it closed or unshootable I'd be tempted to look up my family's old ranch or general store where my father grew up in Mariposa. I'd rather go down fighting than drive all that way for nothing!

We should organize a carload of photographers late next Spring, or even a small caravan. Hey, I got that annual pass, that'll pay the entrance into the park for one non-commercial vehicle full of photographers and gear.

Intriguing idea, my biggest concern would be setting the right expectation.

That's easy, no expectations and every person for themselves. Get there, and use the Shuttles and/or your feet to go where you want, and then all meet back at the vehicle an hour or so after dark.

That sounds about like what I had in mind. I wouldn't want anyone thinking it's a "pro workshop" kind of deal -- far from it.

I think something along the lines of sharing rental fees for an RV plus the cost of campground/camp meals could get us into the few hundred $/person range, depending on how many photogs would be willing to rough it a bit. I think RVs like the one we got stuck behind on the grade run around $1500 for the weekend.

Craig had some good suggestions below about that. I think you are right about planning well ahead for something like that. By spreading the timeframe out to a few days it increases the chances of getting better skies and such, and going in late Spring insures that the waterfalls would be going strong.

True. Short-term, while it's just two-three people, it might be good to plan consecutive weekends; the second as a back-up plan.

We should discuss offline,

We will.

such an endeavor would take a LOT of advance planning.

Yep, in the meantime we just need to get up there as often as practical and start soaking the valley and its surrounding in.

I'm all for that!

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