A quick trip to Yosemite

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Re: A quick trip to Yosemite

Craig Gillette wrote:

Yep, still using my D200 but I'd like to be able to get to either the A850/A900 as I still have some of my Minolta gear, including the 28-70/2.8 G. My daughter and I made a fairly short notice trip to Yosemite in September and were unable to reserve a campsite in the valley. Which is my way of getting to suggesting that if you are planning a group go of some sort, plan far enough ahead to reserve the camp sites you might want. Of course, that may also limit the flexibility to take advantage of weather changes.

We ended up in the far end tent section of Wawona campground and right next to the river, a beautiful camp ground, btw. However, we also found that if you wait out sunset at various locations, it will be dark when you get back to camp so meal planning may be a touchy thing. As it was, we ate simple and didn't have a lot of extra prep and clean-up to deal with. With a group? Gets more complicated.

We also ended up with fairly uninteresting skies, only a few hours of interesting clouds one afternoon. I'm not sure you'd need to worry too much about "guiding" others, just get there and turn yourselves loose? I'd also suggest that if you do the big RV thing, you take a drive around vehicle to avoid horsing a monster RV all around and avoid parking, set up and take down times, etc.

All very good advice Craig, thanks for the input. It just occurred to me that taking bicycles along might be a great way to leverage the use of an RV as base camp, because then there is individual mobility, people can group together or do their own thing freely. They can be rented so cheaply I'd probably use a rental with damage waiver instead of my own bike... too many shiny bits to just leave it locked to a post and hike up a trail.

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