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John King
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Yet more BS and FUD from Green ...

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

You are falling into Mr Robert (Bob, "bobn2") Newman's belief structure where he thinks everyone must exhibit the same level of dishonesty as he does ...

Dishonesty was demonstrated to you more than one would need to read it,


That post did nothing of the sort. It merely showed its author up for what he is ,,,

What a complete and utter WOS you and your fellow travellers are corduroy.

Could you spell it out please, I am not following you here.

Why would I even bother to make up such a tale? Maybe if I had you and your mates "flexible approach" to ethics and the truth, I might. But I haven't, and didn't.

I gave one suggestion, you are free to expand.

As usual, when cornered on the subject you evade the issue/s.

IF you actually examine olyflyers calculations in relation to the position I was holding the camera you will find that his calculations are completely nonsensical, as they are based on utterly incorrect assumptions. He even manages to disproves his own "theory" by calculating the cat's head as minuscule ...

I looked through the viewfinder of my D300 with 50mm lens on it. For the same framing and with the same lens on 2x crop you could not possibly take a shot of what is larger than the cat's head on your chest, and using non-articulating LV.

Gee I assume then that this is an admission by you that my E-510 and f2/50 macro is "equivalent" to your D300 plus 50 mm lens ... AND this after all of the denials, FUD and BS by you and your trolling mates. That will disappoint them that you have finally broken under the pressure and admitted that all the hot air, FUD and BS about "equivalence" is just that - FUD and BS ...

The only person making anything up here is you.

Let's be done with it.

What a pair of trolls.

Only one pair?

Read my last post to you. It explains things using short sentences and simple words ...

I have just measured the distance from the film plane to the subject approximately for this composition. And the approximate distance from my face to the approximate position of the cat's head. And the approximate distance from where I was actually holding the camera from the rear of the camera to the cat's head. olyflyboys calculations are out by a very considerable amount, as I have stated all along ... Those measurements are in accordance with what I have stated all along ...

So there are two "experts" (and I use the term very loosely indeed ... ) coming up with an imaginary scenario that does not accord in any way with the known dimensions of the camera and lens; the distance from my face to that of the cat when sitting crossways across my rib cage (chest ... ); who were not there at the time; who cannot do simple arithmetic; and who are contradicting the description by the actual photographer ...

The image also demonstrates the truthfulness of what the photographer has stated to be the case.

And one of the proponents of the theory that the photographer is lying ends up with a measurement for the cat's head that is patently absurd, yet fails to question his own calculations and the assumptions upon which they are based ...

WHAT a laughing stock the pair of you make of yourselves, and then you wonder why you both become the object of incredulity and outright derision here ...


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