Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Seems to be a lot of drivel...

and nonsense on this thread,... with the usual BS merchants sticking their heads up.

Now, liveview has its uses albeit it doesn't suit all occasions but I find it somewhat useful on the E30 largely because of the excellent tilt and swivel screen. Most of my use of this feature tends to be on a tripod, and when trying to shoot in 'tight' environments such as over the heads of people blocking my view. (I also find it extremely good when trying to achieve focus accuracy (10X) with wide apertures).

Interestingly, whilst on a holiday recently I took the opportunity to talk with a number of DSLR users (in a tour group), about how they went about using their cameras. Most were Canon users (5), Nikon (3), and Olympus (2) ...an E420 & E620, ..plus a couple of others Pentax, Sony. It was a somewhat surprising to me that most of them used liveview to frame their shots, used their DSLR's in Auto, Program or Scene modes and exhibited little understanding about how to get the best out of their cameras. Most surprising was that most of them weren't that happy with the results. After some discussion it seems most of them had upgraded from P&S camera's expecting much better prints....and without much understanding of photography skills were sadly disappointed.

Maybe, most people are better off with a super performing P&S.........perhaps u4/3 rds ?

Rgds, Rob
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