Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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John King
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More abusive behaviour from Green

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

Yet again you demonstrate your complete and utter lack of knowledge and understanding of cats to anyone who knows the slightest thing about them and their habits ...

I do not need to know everything about cats to photograph them, and I think they come out not so badly, don't you think?

Quite right. And they were nice cat photos. Why not post some in the Cat! thread? 1 to 3 piccies is the normal number ...

But you have demonstrated that you know nothing of cat behaviour; and then seek to pillory me and call my veracity into question here on issues of cat behaviour, when I patently do know something about the subject.

We know you could not bear to share your home with a cat. It would be unbearable for you to be confronted by a superior being on a daily basis ...
Although that does happen to you here on a daily basis.

Now it is a bit off. What does superior being got to do with posted on this thread images? Or general discussion?

Without the slightest help from anyone else, you are making yourself into a court jester ... The butt of many jokes ... or just the butt ...

Resort to insults when everything else fails.

IF you recall, it was you and olyflyer who started the abusive behaviour in this thread.

You then proceeded to call me a liar.

Your reputation obviously means nothing to you, but mine is one of my most precious possessions.

Then you have the brass-bound gall and hide to suggest that it is I who am being abusive?

Come off the grass, Green.

You are exposed for what you are, a fraud and a bully ... In fact a cowardly bully at that.

Actually all bullies are cowards and tend to run in packs the same way you pack of vultures do ...

At least manure makes good fertiliser - the BS and FUD that you and your mates spread here is not even good for that, being only "virtual" BS ...

Just BTW, you seem to do an amazing amount of posting during working hours, and so do your mates. None of you are old enough to be retired, so I gather that you are all either self-employed, unemployed, or cheating on your employer by using their time and equipment to post so prolifically here during working hours ... Either that, or your employer pays you to be here ...

Which is it?

  • Self-employed and no one wants to hire you?

  • Unemployed and no one wants to hire you?

  • Employed by someone else, and deceiving and defrauding them?

  • Paid to troll this forum by your employer?

Just a passing thought as to what the case is ...


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