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Re: You do not need to order them around ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

erichK wrote:

I have had the company of well over a dozen, usually in groups of two or three and been photographing them - or trying to photograph them since 1973.

There are good reasons why most of my best photos are or of resting or sleeping cats.

1) They move very quickly, when they want to.

They are unpredictable, its true, but they like to pose (when you have patience),


2) they are very aware of the slightest change to their surroundings.

Not if you watch them for a while, and they get used to you. Even the street cats (in good neighborhoods).

3) They hate flash

They hate water, so you can say they hate fish because it swims in water.

4) The absolutely refuse to follow commands.

They do not need commands for good shots. You just need to be selective on when to press that shutter button, and when to let it go. There are even more such importunities when cat shares the same dwelling with you.

5) They cannot usully be retsrained without serious injuries to both parties.

That's getting excessive ;).

Yet again you demonstrate your complete and utter lack of knowledge and understanding of cats to anyone who knows the slightest thing about them and their habits ...

We know you could not bear to share your home with a cat. It would be unbearable for you to be confronted by a superior being on a daily basis ...
Although that does happen to you here on a daily basis.

Without the slightest help from anyone else, you are making yourself into a court jester ... The butt of many jokes ... or just the butt ...


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