Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: I'll take a stab.

bobn2 wrote:

ginsbu wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Rriley wrote:

its not that
it wont fit

What won't fit?

The larger GH sensors would presumably require a redesigned IBIS unit and perhaps reconfiguration of other internals within the E-3/5 body. Assuming Olympus wanted to maximize reuse of E-3 design elements and minimize additional development costs, this seems like a pretty good explanation for why a GH sensor didn't make it in.

You mean nearly as big a rearrangement as fitting a microphone for the movie function. That explanation really doesn't wash. After all, Nikon managed to fit a whole sensor shaker in the D3s without a radical change to the body. In any case, to cripple performance of your flagship camera for the sake of a few minor adjustments to the castings seems a strange decision, especially when those minor adjustments are being made for other reasons.

No, I mean a redesign of the IBIS unit, just as I said.

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