Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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The problem with John's speculation is that it assumes that Olympus had R&D control over the sensor, but it appears that they are very much the customer of Panasonic. Very simply, the decision that 12MP was 'enough' was taken because 12MP was all they were offered, and simply they didn't have the capability to do any 'cramming' of pixels themselves.

You know this how?


Kodak used to make the sensors for Olympus, now Panasonic does. Given that the sensor for the GH1 has better QE, less read noise, and a higher FWC than the sensor for the PL1, all of which translates to less noise and greater DR, with both sensors are from Panasonic, it would reflect very poorly on Olympus had they any form of R&D control over the sensor -- they would have been better off purchasing the sensor designed by the Panasonic R&D team.

More than that, the argument that Olympus (or Panasonic) capped at 12 MP to keep the noise and DR down falls apart when compared with the 18 MP sensor for the Canon 60D which has higher QE, lesser read noise, and a higher FWC still, falls apart rather quickly.

As Bob has said, "12 MP is a necessity, not a virtue".

its not that
it wont fit

Not very convincing, for the most important part of the camera, if they wanted to they could have made it fit, quite easily. Unless you're saying that the E-5 was really only ever a trivial upgrade of the E-3.

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