Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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If it even mattered

John King wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

This cat is not sitting on your chest .

{But how would I do that?}

With non-articulating screen it would not be possible to take a picture of anything on my chest, least to say with 50mm on 4/3rds.

Well I can, and did.

No, you did not.

The evidence is the image. Olyflyer's fumbled arithmetic notwithstanding.

The evidence is that you can not possibly use non-articulating LV for this framing on something that is larger than the cat's head sitting on your chest. Even with larger format you would need at least double the minimum focal distance for 50mm lens to match this framing. At least. And so the evidence suggests that it is not Olyflyer's "fumbled arithmetic" that betrayed you, but your own dishonesty about how this image fit into the context.

Not that it even matters, but you thought it would be a good place to tell about lack of features on the other formats, did not you? I mean it is impossible to do such things without a described feature, is it? I have seen this same image posted like 24 times already, each for different reason and with different story behind it, but I never thought one could come with such a convoluted description of how it was taken.

Maybe I am just better at taking photographs in this sort of situation than you are ...

You would not need LV for it.

And quite obviously I have far better peripheral vision than you or Olyflyer.

.. at making up stories that are so easily verifiable as untrue.

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- sergey

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