Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: I'll take a stab.

Jeff wrote:

I'm familiar with the Kodak spec sheets, but was unaware that Canon and Panasonic made spec sheets available for the sensors in their cameras. Can you point to them?

I'm assuming you mean the figures Bob quoted above:


Pen_E-PL1 - QE: 42%,read noise:11.2 e-, saturation capacity at base ISO: 17424 e-

DMC-GH1 - QE: 50%, read noise: 4.2 e-, saturation capacity: 18662 e-

EOS_60D - QE: 40%, read noise: 1.5 e-, saturation capacity: 24322 e-

I can cite the source, but I'll let Bob do it for you (for reasons that will become apparent later). The figures, I believe, were derived from DxOMark's data.

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