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...another "uneeded" Oly innovation...

In 1973, when I bought my OM-1, it was derided as unprofessionally small and therefor presumed to be flimsy.

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but eventually Nikon and Fuji and Pentax and Canon had to come out with much smaller cameras

In 2003, when I bought my E-1, its dustbuster was derided as being a gratuitous feature.

A few years later, the E-330's Live View was derided as being a feature in search of a purpose.

(And unfortunately, Olympus chose not to add the $50 or so of further electronics to implement the video that would also have been possible.)

Now all major camera makers offer Live View, and Nikon issued whole new versions of its flagship cameras to implement it.

It is to Olympus' credit that they saw the importance of, and have persisted with Live View, and even changed sensor suppliers (between the E-400 and the E-410, Kodak to Panasonic) to make it a basic feature of all their cameras.

Unfortunately, brilliant marketing and really effective distribution have seldom been Olympus' strong suite, and most photographers and almost all reviewers and commentators fail to recognize which innovations are really groundbreaking.

The WYSIWYG aspect of LV, and also the many other possibilities having an electronic VW image that can be transmitted opens up are huge steps forward for photography, especially insofar as they further enhance the all-in-one turnkey nature of the modern do-everything dslr.

This is the reason that other camera makers have jumped onto this new technology and obviously made a considerable investment in pushing it forward.

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