Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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John King
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Taking cat photos ...

Gidday Larry

herebefore wrote:

It amazes me that you would waste so much time and energy arguing with two idiots....

One gets suckered in ...

As for using "live view":

For the 2% or 3% of the time that I need it, I find it 100% effective.. Just like you do (though you may use it more, or less, than I do, I dont know).


As for "posing cats"... It really does approach being an impossible task...

Lol! Agree ;).

I have hundreds of shots (good to great) of my big yellow tomcat.... Thats primarily because he is a big, fat lazy lump that seldom moves for any reason...

It takes real dedication to duty to cram 26 hours sleep into each and every 24 hour day ... :).

My Female cat (a small tortoise-shell cat) has appeared in photos only once or twice a year since I have had her in the house..

That's why "feral", i.e. outside cats, are much easier to photograph. They are either very friendly, and therefore obliging by definition, or one doesn't see them at all.

She is a "normal" house-cat who will evaporate quickly if she sees or hears a camera..

Lizzie is far less obliging than Rosa, but both are very easily spooked if I get too close. Lizzie very much so.

It is exactly like capturing birds/bees/dragonflies IF, insects, horses, dogs running, etc, etc, etc ...

There was a quite spectacular shot of a cat jumping from the back of a couch to the kitchen bench on this week's Cat! thread. Scroll down, it's the third piccy ... here:


That leaves me to believe your "Eyeball" shot is nothing short of spectacular..

Thanks very much, Larry. I know that you are also an 'animal person', so I respect your understanding and experience with things like this.
I also think that's why it irritates them so much.

OTOH, I don't dislike, or miss-understand cats or photography in general..

Quite ...

So let Oly and Sergey preach "the gospel according to an idiot" or whatever other "clap-trap" they wish, and save your energy for things that matter at least as much as the bird-crap on your windshield..

Yeah. The underneath of the wheel wells need cleaning, now we are allowed to wash our cars again ...

It (the bird-crap) has more value, and more use, than anything either of those two clowns have to offer.

Lol ...

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