The future for Olympus?

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The future for Olympus?

Ok must start with saying that i am one of many disapointed Oly users, painfully i must admit i propably bought in to the wrong system for my needs (alot of long tele shots in low light). Hoping that technology would make the sensors for this great system shine and Oly put out that 400mm F5.6 that would leave no doubt on which mid level tele was the best.

Here goes: Is Olympus doing more damage than they can imagine to there camera brand?
We live in the internet age, which means few people can have a lot to say.

I do not see this forum as a general opinnion of the photographic world, but i think it has a big influence. And as i read it people are not happy here, only the diehard fans whos satisfied with the E-5 or with what they got seems happy.

What would you recomend a newbie out for a DSLR with video? Thats imposibble in Oly land. E-5 is to expensive, PENS have to crappy AF and quite limited as a system. Olympus is simply not ready to burry all of there E-XXX camera's.

When reading this forum it is quite obvious that Oly users are very loyal, but i think they lost a lot of goodwill with there insane way of communicating the last 6 months, and the cancellation of new competitive DSLR's (E-5 is not competitive at that pricepoint, E-XXX was).

So what happens now is a lot of Oly users will share there "bad" experience,and i do not think they will support Oly micro 4/3, why should they?. Apart from IBIS Pana has way better offerings. Already Sony is getting momentum, they made some mistakes at the start but seems very innovative. And when Canon or Nikon launch there system with the best from all systems and PDAF on the sensor, how interesing is micro 4/3 then? Olympus will again be a small player but without a lot of loyal customers that simply had enough.

When i bought into the Olympus system they where the brand that had most to offer and came highly recomended. Today the competition has the same features and more and Oly dos not come as highly recomended.

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