50D owners impression of the 60D

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50D owners impression of the 60D

Hello everyone,

So this is it. Do I like the 50D better than the 60D? Do I like the 60D better than the 50D? Is the 60D not as robust as the 50D?

First of all. I had owned the 50D for about a year, and before that was with Nikon (D50, D90). I loved the handling, body design, button layout, etc. of the 50D. One thing I did not enjoy though, was the poor image quality when nearing ISO 1600. I'll be honest in saying that my Nikon D90 trumped the 50D in terms of image quality. Nevertheless, I loved the camera and the way it handled.

However, when I started to read about the 60D sharing, essentially, the same sensor as its lower and upper tier brethren, I was intrigued. I decided, after reading a lot of articles to "bite the bullet." So waht are my impressions?


1.) The image quality is notably better. You don't even have to put the images on your machine to be able to tell that they are sharper and cleaner than that of the 50D.

2.) I really like the feel of the body (and I was worried). It has handling that is somewhere in between a Nikon D90 and an EOS 50D. It is not too light and not too heavy. Though there is not magnesium alloy body, there still aluminum in the body and it definitely feels more robust than a rebel!

3.) I like that the button layout has moved to the right. Honestly, it allows me more one handed movements than with my 50D.

4.) The SD card slot doesn't bother me (that's a relative thing. You either die by the CF card or don't care. I personally think SD will be around longer but I'm just an IT guy...what do I know...lol)
5.) The electronic level - I'll take this nifty gadget any day over gridlines.


1.) The white balance control has to be done in menu. Though I will say that there is a quick "info" button shortcut to all the vital parts of the menu.

2.) There is no No. 2. The above iis really the only thing that I dislike about the camera compared to my 50D


If your a little dissapointed with the ISO performance of the 50D and are even slightly considering buying the 60D, go for it! You will get better image quality right out of the camera. To all those that are wondering if it is a semi-pro camera.....yes....I didn't seem to think it was a step below the 50D when I first tested it out and I actually think that it is a step above.

I own a 60D, 18-135 IS, 50mm 1.8, 270 EX speedlight**

Any questions? I will check this thread several times this week and would be happy to answer any questions for prospective 60D buyers!!!

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