Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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From one clown to another...

herebefore wrote:

It amazes me that you would waste so much time and energy arguing with two idiots....

Two idiots? That's a nice thing to say I suppose in your home about you and your friends, but quite rude where I come from. Especially since you have not seem to have enough background information about who said what...

As for using "live view":

For the 2% or 3% of the time that I need it, I find it 100% effective.. Just like you do (though you may use it more, or less, than I do, I dont know).

...and just like this clown (me) as well. I can't set any percentage, so I voted "occasional use", meaning I use it when I find it necessary or convenient.

As for "posing cats"... It really does approach being an impossible task...

I have hundreds of shots (good to great) of my big yellow tomcat.... Thats primarily because he is a big, fat lazy lump that seldom moves for any reason...

My Female cat (a small tortoise-shell cat) has appeared in photos only once or twice a year since I have had her in the house..

She is a "normal" house-cat who will evaporate quickly if she sees or hears a camera..

So, you avoid using live view with PDAF to avoid the multiple mirror flaps. That would be my strategy. With the OVF once the mirror slap is heard by the cat and the cat reacts it is too late, with LV the cat might start running away by the time the shutter opens for the image. They are very fast...

That leaves me to believe your "Eyeball" shot is nothing short of spectacular..

Yes, it's a nice shot, which I made no secret about.

OTOH, I don't dislike, or miss-understand cats or photography in general..

Neither do I, or Sergey.

So let Oly and Sergey preach "the gospel according to an idiot" or whatever other "clap-trap" they wish, and save your energy for things that matter at least as much as the bird-crap on your windshield..

What kind of gospel do we preach according to you?

It (the bird-crap) has more value, and more use, than anything either of those two clowns have to offer.

Well, in my opinion the bird-crap has more value than your post, because apparently you don't even have the slightest clue about where we stand or what we are discussing, which makes you what? A clown perhaps… or????

Just to sum it up in short: I find live view very useful, use it occasionally, but regard that the image John posted, regardless how nice it is, is not demanding live view, as opposed to what he says. He may have used LV for the image out of convenience, which is fine, but no, it is not the kind of image where live view is absolutely necessary. No big deal really, just that it flips him out for some weird reason.

I assume that using the attributes "clown", "idiot" and "bird-crap" is not an offence when used on you, since you do take the liberty to use it on others. If you take it as something offensive, than I have to apologize, I did not mean to offend you, but would appreciate if you'd use a language which you allow others to use as well in conversations with you. If that's not clear, please contact the admins and ask if calling a discussion partner an idiot or a clown is OK or not. Personally I don't think it is OK, but I am not making up the rules and just use it as a response to people who call me an idiot and a clown. However, regardless what kind of liberty you take in selection of words, or how you call your friends and family, a good advice is not to call the guy, a stranger sitting beside you in a bar an idiot, or even a clown, unless you want to go home with a broken jaw. Not even if you disagree with his skin colour or opinions.

BTW, isn't using multiple ID's against the rules?
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