Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: John, am I no longer on your "Ignore list"?

John King wrote:

My eyesight is obviously better at 63 y.o. than yours was when young ...

I would not call your eyesight better if you can clearly see something without the need of a few centimeters between your eyes and what you are looking at. Quite the opposite, if you see clear at nose length distance than you really have an eye sight problem... I am talking about a few centimetres, not a few feet.


You are shouting again John. Relax.

You are forgetting that this is the distance from the film (sensor) plane.

No, I am not forgetting that at all. I was actually generous to you since that gave you another centimeter or two.

I did not take the image with the camera between my head and the cat's head. READ WHAT I WROTE.

You lot are incredibly good at reading what isn't there; and failing to read what is there ...

I think the one who is not understanding the problem with your situation description is you. The 510 has no swivel screen, so to see anything (unless you made a special arrangement with mirrors) with the LV display, you must have the camera in between you and the cat. How can that be so hard to understand? Try it...

Of course, we end up in the same thing again. If the camera was not in between you and the cat than you obviously could not see the LCD, in which case live view was definitely not necessary for the image. Very simple, isn’t it? I am not saying live view was not active and not used, I am just saying you could have done without because you had no use for it if you could not see it. It would also have reduced the double mirror flap, eliminating to scare off the cat. Of course, we can see that the cat trusted you, since she is relaxed, most probably spinning nicely, so scaring off was not a great risk, which you of course knew.

My guess is that the distance was about twice as much and I still don't understand why LV would be necessary for this image. I hope the above was not a too complicated reasoning.

This is just rubbish, Josef.

Fine, So, what was the distance? Like I said before, EXIF is no help since the Oly distance data is unreliable. We all know it could have not been 30cm, so what was it?

Well, it may be fast enough for you but it is definitely not fast. It takes about two seconds from infinity to close focus, so that's definitely not fast.

only someone incompetent causes the lens to do this on any sort of regular basis. Try practising basic skills ...

John, did you actually read the sentence you responded to? It would be a good idea for once in a while that you actually read and try to understand the meaning of words. What is there to practice? Does that never happen to you that the lens must travel from one end to the other? What has that got to do with basic skills and the nonsense you answered? If a subject last taken was at infinity and you move to close focus, regardless of practice, the lens must travel all the way. Same is true the other way... Really, I think the one who need to practice basic skills is you, not me.
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