Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: John....

It amazes me that you would waste so much time and energy arguing with two idiots....

As for using "live view":

For the 2% or 3% of the time that I need it, I find it 100% effective.. Just like you do (though you may use it more, or less, than I do, I dont know).

As for "posing cats"... It really does approach being an impossible task...

I have hundreds of shots (good to great) of my big yellow tomcat.... Thats primarily because he is a big, fat lazy lump that seldom moves for any reason...

My Female cat (a small tortoise-shell cat) has appeared in photos only once or twice a year since I have had her in the house..

She is a "normal" house-cat who will evaporate quickly if she sees or hears a camera..

That leaves me to believe your "Eyeball" shot is nothing short of spectacular..

OTOH, I don't dislike, or miss-understand cats or photography in general..

So let Oly and Sergey preach "the gospel according to an idiot" or whatever other "clap-trap" they wish, and save your energy for things that matter at least as much as the bird-crap on your windshield..

It (the bird-crap) has more value, and more use, than anything either of those two clowns have to offer.

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Larry Lynch'
Mystic, Connecticut
New England

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