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Re: Relax,

John King wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

John King wrote:

Trashing someone else's images does not make yours better, or theirs worse; they are what they are.

No one is trashing your image.

Read all of Sergey's posts. That is exactly and precisely what he is doing ...


All he is saying is that it's a house cat, your own house cat, trusting you and lets you photograph her 24/7 millions of times.

She doesn't and won't. Cats will almost never allow you to approach from this angle and at this distance with anything, let alone a camera. They turn to face you at best, and p!ss off at worst.

I don't know that cat, but I know cats in general. Never the less, that cat is available for you 24/7, now if she trusts you enough to sit on your chest than it can't be that difficult to take an image of her almost any time. In fact, in that image the cat seems so extremely relaxed, she does not seem to care what you do to her.

Sergey is right. We are not talking about lions; we are talking about an ordinary house cat, so it is not a once in a life time thing.

Sergey is not right. He is dead wrong. He is also too smug in his presumed omniscience to admit to his being 100% wrong. He also has not shared his life with a cat.

I have no idea if he shared his life with cats or not and is also not relevant for my question about why is that image not possible to take without live view.

You do not have a cat.

No, but I have had a cat and I know many people who actually do have a cat. It's not that cats are such rarity here in Sweden or anywhere else’s where I have lived before...

That is also patently obvious from what you are saying. Why is this place full of people who are suddenly experts in things they patently know nothing about, and even admit to knowing nothing about ... ??

I agree, this place is full of experts of every kind. You happen to be one, being expert in many areas, law, psychology, computers, network security, cats, cameras of all brand, lenses of every brand and type, photographic composition, farming, (did I miss something?), the last is fish...

John, ordinary house cats are not difficult targets, but if they are than live view is definitely wrong to use on them, especially the E-510, which does not even have CDAF, so you have to use MF or the mirror flapping PDAF. For fear of the cat running away I'd definitely go for OVF and PDAF in your case.

Yes, live view makes it more comfortable to shoot in some situations, this may be one such situation for you, but please, LV is not necessary for that image.

PLEASE you take a deep breath and ACTUALLY READ what I said . Sorry to SHOUT, but I have already said this about five times, and I am getting sick of it when people fail to understand VERY PLAIN ENGLISH.

Don’t forget to breath John. Shouting is bad for your health...

I have also said in plain English. Live view is useful, comfortable in some situation but definitely not necessary for that image. At least so far you failed to proof the need of it. Again, you stated a blanket statement and not strong enough to admit you are wrong. OK, I don't mind.

If the cat would have been on the floor I would defend your position, because I also happen to believe that crawling on the ground is not healthy, so while live view would still not have to be an absolute must even in that situation, it is more necessary than if you take a photo of something like a cat on your chest.

It was physically impossible to get the camera between my face and the cat's face !!

So, how did you see the composition and the focus point? GOT IT NOW? This was one thing I tried to tell you in my long and seemingly far too complicated post before. The E-510 has no swivel screen, so unless you had the camera between your face and the cat there is no way you could see what you were shooting, in which case once again, live view was totally pointless to use. GOT IT NOW?

SO, exactly how do you propose that the image could be taken without using liveview, and why do you give a rat's bum whether it was or wasn't, or even whether it was or was not necessary?

No, it is not important and I don't give a rat's bum if live view was used or not, but then you should have not said and exemplified with that image. As I would have taken that image, I already explained in plain English, so I won't repeat it. Maybe I'll demo it for you...

Take a deep breath and think about what people are saying instead of getting worked up on things no one said.

NO. YOU take a deep breath and YOU think about what I have said.
Were you there? No.
Did you take the image? No.

Do you then have the slightest clue about what you have just become a self-appointed expert about? No!!

HOW hard is that to understand?
Or has your brain suddenly gone on vacation?

As I said, relax. Shouting is not good for your health. You might scare your cat...

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