Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Good catch!

olyflyer wrote:

Now, this story is a bit strange and not very accurate. You say you needed LV for this image. The E-510 don't have a swivel screen, so the camera must have been between your head and the cat. I don't know the eye sight you have, but not even at young age could I see anything which was held right in front of my eyes, I need to have at least a few centimeters between my eyes and the thing I am looking at. That distance must be more than just a few centimeters if I need to judge focus, but since the E-510 focus is as accurate as the E-500, I'd trust the auto focus. Even so, for the composition there is a need of at least 5-8 centimeters. Now, you say the cat's head was less than a foot from your own. A foot is 30cm (I like to use the same units, I hope that's OK). The 50/2 has a minimum focus distance of 24cm, at that distance you will get an image with 1:2 magnification, meaning the image from right to left side is representing 24.6mm, for simplicity, say 2.5cm. That's very tight, because 30cm - 24cm makes it equal to 6cm, which is just about the minimum stace needed for being able to see the composition in the live view display. Never the less, I have a bigger problem with your information. Having the lens at maximum magnification, which obviously it must have been if the distance between your head and the cat's was 30cm, makes the cat's head 2.5cm if it would fill the whole frame, but it does not. In 1/5th of the image area (yes, I measured) there is an empty space, making the cat's head from ear to nose 2cm. I have no cat, but I had one a long time ago. I have seen many cats in my life, both old and newly born, but never ever seen an adult cat with such small head. Assuming there is nothing wrong with that cat and is a perfectly normal individual, I say the distance from the ear to the nose is at least twice as much, probably even more, which makes the distance from your head to the cat's head considerably more than the (less than!) 30cm you mentioned earlier. My guess is that the distance was about twice as much and I still don't understand why LV would be necessary for this image. I hope the above was not a too complicated reasoning.

I must admit I did not catch on it, but it does make perfect sense now. So what does it tell us? That not only LV was not necessary, but while having cat on ones chest was next to impossible to use. And this is after all those honesty and integrity speeches he has been giving to us, what a twist!

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- sergey

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