Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: Dave... your list is even better than mine

Marty4650 wrote:

520man wrote:

  1. I have to have dual card slots, though for those times when I forget my main card in the reader

  2. OVF with diopter correction.

  3. IBIS

  4. Good anti-dust system (use it constantly, but rarely think of it)

  5. Topside, lighted LCD

  6. Dual control wheels

  7. Good OOC jpegs, so I guess that means a good engine.

  8. Pentaprism, not pentamirror.

  9. Decent grip (I hold for a lot of macro in the field with one hand)

If we brainstormed, we probably could come up with 100 features that "more than half" the DSLR users had to have, even though they used those features infrequently.

I wouldn't even buy a cheap P&S camera that didn't have IS.....

It's hard to know what to leave off the list, isn't it? For example, the OVF. It seemed too obvious to write but if the mirror becomes a thing of the past I guess it isn't. Would I accept an EVF only? It would have to be really good, better than what appears to be available today.

That sort of thing actually violates the question "What do I want on my DSLR?." "My DSLR has to be a DSLR (not an EVIL)." If they'll take the mirror, we don't know what other features may be taken away.

And I'm not firmly in the camp of "IBIS is better than something lens based," but none of my lenses have optical stabilization, so to carry those forward.... Whether your current equipment compatible and capable is another issue. I'll be interested to see, for example, how the E5's video works (or doesn't) with various lenses. Seems like the tests I've seen are using the 12-60, a much respected and expensive lens, but what about the low end, say the 40-150mm?

And so on. I'll conclude by flaunting my ignorance. So, Canon is just now getting the articulated screen on a DSLR? I don't read on other models too much and I assumed it was optional at some level, like you could get it on a Canon (or Nikon or Sony or...) but you'd have to spend more for a higher model tier, just like Oly. It's funny bc the other day I was shooting pics and a noob who shoots Canon saw me using the screen on my E30 and said, "OMG, that screen is so incredibly cool!" She understood the potential usefulness of it right away.

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