Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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Re: Whatever contortionist position you can come up with

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

Because the cat was sitting on my chest as I explained to Green. I was lying down in bed. Lizzie's face was less than a foot from my own. I was holding the camera over my right shoulder top, using it one handed with liveview and the appallingly bad focusing f2/50 (according to some, at least ... I find it focuses exceptionally well, and fast, in almost all circumstances ... on all 3 of my bodies ... ).

The question is: was it necessary?

Of course, the answer is no, it was not necessary. LV is convenient in many situations but definitely not necessary for still images if your camera has a VF, unless there is a wall or something else preventing you from looking into the VF.
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