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John King
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Re: John,

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:


I note that not a single one of these subjects was sitting on your chest.

It is a house cat, and it can be photographed 1k times 24 hours 7 days a week. Only because it was sitting on your chest does not immediately mean that it had to be photographed at this very moment and with live view only.

Using that same logic, why don't you throw all your cameras out with the rubbish? Your statement applies equally to each and every image you have ever posted here; or to mine for that matter.

AND you still haven't got the message that it was impossible to catch the shape of the cornea and the iris from this angle, in this shot, using the OVF, because there was insufficient room to fit the camera between my face and the cat's face, even if she would have stayed there for it (she wouldn't have ... ). None of your images of cats you have shown here come close to showing this spectacular feature of the physiology of a cat's eye. Why not? Specially if it so easy ...

I can imagine there are myriads of such moments, that present greater opportunities and for far more interesting shots.

So why haven't you shown all your images that show this remarkable sight? Try getting close enough to a cat, at this precise angle, and you might better understand just how hard it is ...

In the meantime, perhaps you could desist from trashing the competence of other people's images when you have zero experience of their particular fields of photographic interest?

Trashing someone else's images does not make yours better, or theirs worse; they are what they are.
People do not learn from being trashed and bashed.

None of you (yourself, Newman, James et al ) seem to even comprehend the concept ...
BUT it does make you (and them) look very rude and uncouth ...

You would learn this skill very quickly if you were to start hosting a weekly thread (preferably over on the Nikon forum ... ).

Your macro shots are very nice, but those of Morpho Hunter make yours look like a rank amateur's first attempts. I do not mean this to demean you efforts, merely to demonstrate that there is always someone better at things ...

Again, it is a house cat, it lives where you live, and it can be brought, and tough, and placed where you want it to be at the drop of the hat.

You patently have zero experience of cats, Sergey. A cat is a wild animal that deigns to share a house with you. You cannot "place" a cat anywhere. Why do you think there are so many shows like Commissar Rex , and so few that feature cats ... I have only ever seen one cat in such a production that looked natural. A great credit to the cat handler to achieve that result. Most cats appear to be either sedated or under restraint. When you know cats the way I do, it is very easy to see. Pretty well any cat person will tell you exactly the same thing.

It is FAR easier to photograph a cat "in the wild" than it is to photograph a "tame" one ...

Maybe you are thinking about dogs ... Dogs view you as a superior being; cats do not - at best a cat might view you as an equal ... You wouldn't like that ...

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