Poll on the use of Live View on DSLR

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John King
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Re: Whatever contortionist position you can come up with

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

Because the cat was sitting on my chest as I explained to Green. I was lying down in bed. Lizzie's face was less than a foot from my own. I was holding the camera over my right shoulder top, using it one handed with liveview and the appallingly bad focusing f2/50 (according to some, at least ... I find it focuses exceptionally well, and fast, in almost all circumstances ... on all 3 of my bodies ... ).

The question is: was it necessary?

Here is no-live view, and no yoga poses,


I note that not a single one of these subjects was sitting on your chest.

IF you had read my post, or even my second post, or even your own quotation of my post in your own post, and maybe take a reading comprehension course ...
AND if you were not in such a hurry to attack me, my photography etc ...

You may have noticed that I have repeatedly stated that Lizzie was sitting on my chest ...

Have you noticed how it appears that you cannot stand anyone saying that any image of mine is a nice photo?

It seems to send you into a frenzy of attacking me, and posting a dozen or so images, and trashing the image I have posted ...
Everyone else has ...

BTW, that image of Lizzie was awarded POTD somewhere - I forget where ... . So maybe it has some small merit in someone's eyes, just not yours, apparently. I don't care what your opinion is in any event, as I cannot trust you in any way, shape or form .

Sergey, I am flattered that you feel so threatened by any image I post that you feel that you just have to post a whole swag of your images to "prove" how much better yours are. Even if they are PP to within an inch of their little lives ... Mine are almost always OoC JPEGs ...

I've got news for you, it is not a competition - at least I don't view it as a competition, even though it seems as if you do ...

Think about it ...

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