Mass Hysteria Poll (K-7 blur)

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Mass Hysteria Poll (K-7 blur)

Have you noticed that in the last 2 months there has been chatter on the forum about some sort of blur at 1/100th sec on the K-7? I personally think that this is Mass Hysteria brought on by the following...

a) Wild Imaginations
b) Spending too much time on the internet
c) Believing everything you read on the internet (Probably the worst!!!)
d) That internet published report on the issue

You see I'm on the forum, posting and reading a lot and I also take a lot of photos, 33000 so far with the K-7. Well in all the time before the "Fauk Lumo"? report i can't remember any posts of any significance about this issue. I didn't say i can't remember any post as there may have been the odd mention that was just chalked up to user error. Anyhow in the few months after the report all off a sudden it seems a light bulb blew up in peoples heads and they start seeing this blur issue everywhere.

Now here is what I think, there was a lot of threads about the K-x blur issues which is confirmed many times over. Well with all these threads and attention to the K-x the K-7 owners felt left out and had to come up with a problem on the K-7 they could complain about too. Without much imagination someone thought of a shutter speed induced blur and the idea spread like a disease across much of the K-7 population.

As an owner of both the K-x and K-7 and I have a K-x issue at 1/60th and 1/125th sec and no issues with the K-7 I think that if there were an issue with the K-7 I'd have seen it by now.

Here is the poll

Respond as you wish but lets try to keep it to the Q's

1) Do you have the blur problem with the K-7 at 1/100th sec? (yes/no)
2) If you have a problem when did you notice the problem?

  • a) recently

  • b) 3-6 months ago

  • c) 6-12 months ago

  • d) as soon as you bought the K-7

3) If you don't have the problem do you think others actually do have the problem? (yes/no)

Thanks for participating
Mike from Canada

'I like to think so far outside the box that it would require a telephoto lens just to see the box!' ~ 'My Quote :)'

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