D700 "Auto ISO" Question

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SuisseNikon wrote:

usually leave it on max 3200 camera set to 200, min shutter 1/100. have it as top of my menu and assigned function button to it so I can turn on and off quickly..

1/100? you must be shooting mostly high iso pics.

Mine is set to max 3200 with camera 200. Min shutter = 1/30 and sometimes 1/15. All my pictures are sharp. Heck I hand held large/heavy mediumd format cameras all day shooting weddings and got tack sharp photos.

Now we have VR. That old 1/lens mm is a bunch of BS to me. Figure out yourself what you can hand hold with and go with it.

I mean unless you have Parkinson's or suffering drug withdrawals you should be able to handhold at 1/60 all the time with any lens under 500mm.
I often handhold at 1/30 and 1/15.

Just perfect your technique for holding the camera & lens in concert with your stance.

If you have Nikon VR lenses you should get very sharp photo's down to 1/15 which will allow you to shoot at lower iso for prettier pictures.


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