How did this person take these stunning photos?

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Re: How did this person take these stunning photos?

acornk wrote:

This is so humorous to read. This wonderful man was poor as dirt, had a bad back and could not work. He began to post in a Sony forum and everyone was amazed at his pictures and asked him how he was doing it. It was the Fuji with an extension tube made from a toilet paper roll and a cheap magnifier bought online. Duct tape secured it all. He got up very early sat in his garden amongst the plants and insects. He would put them on his fingers and take pictures with the other hand. We were so delighted that we asked for his technique. He laughed and replied that we did not need his plan since our better cameras already had these things built in. He may have cropped pics, but that is about all that was available at the time, particularly to someone with no funds. Someone came in and murdered him. What a great loss.

Can you point us to some of his old posts?

He was murdered? If true, that is terrible news.

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