Sold my 7D. Bought 60D.

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Re: Sold my 7D. Bought 60D.

Thanks for the reply and yes, movie capabilities are more important for me than stills. It was, and still is, a hard choice between the 60D and 7D, because they are almost the same price (Launch price vs offers). It pains me to let the magnesium body go, but there will be a 7DII down the line.

I recently tried the live histogram in 5DII (August firmware if I'm not mistaken) It was "photo mode" only. It disappeared as soon as you switched to video. So the 60D video histogram is actually improved then? I was hoping to use the histogram as a "zebra replacement", which I might be able to now. Do you feel it's accurate? Does it have a decent refresh rate?

Is it possible to add custom color profiles/picture styles for video?

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