High Speed Video - Exposure Time of a Single Video Frame?

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Re: High Speed Video - Exposure Time of a Single Video Frame?

If the FH100 is similar to the F1 which I have, the 40FPS on the FH100 will give you sharp images as you can control the shutter and aperture.

In Video mode the shutter speed is effectively the read out from the image array.

On the F1, I find the 30-300 FPS Video mode the most useful for Tennis, the 30-240 FPS mode on the the FH100 should be good enough for most analysis and will work well in the popular Sports Analysis packages.


Chas Tennis wrote:

I am interested in motion analysis of tennis strokes using high speed video. I am purchasing a Casio EX FH100 to give it a try.

The frame rate gives the number of pictures taken per second and goes up to 1,000 fr/s for the FH100. Another time - the exposure time for each video frame (of less duration than the time between frames) is directly related to image blur when examining single frames in stop action. I would like to know how long the exposure time is and how the operating conditions & light levels affect it. The camera specs on the Casio site gives "shutter speed" but I believe (and am not certain) that "shutter speed" applies only to the camera used for taking pictures and not for its high speed video operation.

The exposure time may depend on the light level and lens f/ number but this info is hard to come by so far. Exposure time could be examined by measuring the blur on moving objects. Vary the light level & frame rate, etc and measure blur.

Exposure Time X Object Velocity = Image Blur

Any information on exposure time during high speed video operation of the Casio EX FH100 or other Casio high speed video camera appreciated.
Chas Tennis

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