Panasonic LX5 vs Nikon P7000

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Re: Panasonic LX5 vs Nikon P7000

Think I was in your exact same situation; I was considering the G12, P7000, S95 and LX5. The can I even hesitated on as I didn't care what they did (or more accurately didn't do with G10 and G11), but was afraid I would have kicked myself after the fact for at least not looking at it.

The S95 I had high hopes for, but I was selling my S90 and the S95 was really no different, tjough you make an excellent point about the f/3.3 vs 4.9 in the LX5 vs S95.

For me, It came down to the P7000 or LX5. After ordering and trying the P7000, I loved the camera, but was much closer to a DSLR than what I needed. Then the LX5 came along and it just felt right. Everything about it is designed right, the specs are impressive, and we all know by now it van shoot some amazing pictures.

AllPixels wrote:

I had the P7000 for a week and returned it. Some might say; "what can you see in a week?" Well, its more experience than just trying it out in the store

The P7000's focus lock was very temperamental and the lens reinitialized about 10+ times in the last 2 days that I owned it. In terms of NR I was not expecting this level of smearing at 800 ISO. NR should be able to be turned right off, even at 1600+ ISO, I'd rather have grainy then smeary NR any day.

On the good side; the P7000 IQ is fantastic 100-400 ISO in JPG Fine (1:4 compression) or RAW, the zoom range (which I will miss!) is great. Colors: Mmm, Nikon colors: awesome. Ergonomics; loved the size and feel.

After handling the LX5 for the second time in the store I found the controls much easier and faster to navigate through. I like dials but, thinking back now the P7000 has too many dials and buttons. The LX5's quick access menu and direct buttons appeal to me more, which surprised me as I like external controls. ymmv. Also, having a fast/bright lens f/2.0 - 3.3 is game changing for me.

I did briefly look at the S95 as well. The S95 lens is only fast and the 28mm-ish end at f/2.0 then drops to f/4.9 at 105mm. Too me the difference in terms of focal length 90mm vs 105mm is not much. f/3.3 vs 4.9 is a significant difference in low light and DOF. IMHO there are too many advantages in favor of the LX5 over the S95 making the $70 CDN difference completely worth it.

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