707/717+ HVL-F1000 notes

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Thanks Peter

that explains why my Nikon and the Promaster 7000 does so much better in comparison.

I actually brought both with me to an event the other night and ended up shooting with the Nikon in flash situations that required a speed light.


Peter iNova wrote:

Tim Lauro wrote:

Peter: So then what data does the Acc. cable that the Promaster
5750 and like the HVL 1000 has too really communicate to the flash?

The cable can carry the trigger and compensation values, but it
does nothing for the actual exposure. The camera has no separate
sensor like the Nikons do and without a double flash, it can't send
exposure information to a flash circuit for the "real" blast.

The 5700 is a camera filled with controls. The 717 is a camera
filled with speed.


Would you feel the 5750 to be a good choice based on what you know
or have read?


Peter iNova wrote:

No. Other flash units have on-board exposure controls that let you
reduce or expand the exposure by controlling the light. Just as
they do with film cameras in which numerous un-communicated details
like ISO can be variables.

Remember, the hot shoe on the 717 is only a trigger, not a two-way
data path.

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