"Ugly American" D-Lux4 photos

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Re: Louis

Drofnad wrote:

??? Yeah, this was my impression : that YOU prefer "the women" (read, " girls ")

and their prurient appeal, and push that as the raison d'etre of the images > (the first of which is so obviously PP'd to accent the girl).

As for liking "clarity, colors ... ", you could've liked those for any of the > other kids in the photo, technically; selectivity might work best in #3 with > the > guy farthest back?!


Well, duh, I resemble that remark alright, but prurient is too strong a word. There's nothing wrong with appreciating feminine pulchritude. But more than that, a good portrait or sculpture of an attractive female is a wonderful thing. Diana of the Hunt by Rodan, in NYC, is my favorite example, and is something of a humanist manifesto.

As to the photographs themselves, all four photos were enhanced to single out their subjects. As for the very attractive teenager (picture number 3) in the midst of her classmates, I isolated her for more than just her good looks. I was attempting something about how much more mature teenage girls are compared to their male counterparts. Apparently it doesn't work. I'll include the original here, and if anyone is bored, they may edit it any way they please.

Finally, I enjoyed your comments; their wisdom is not lost on me.......:-)

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