Tips to minimize pupils in dark 'studio'?

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Re: Tips to minimize pupils in dark 'studio'?

Peano wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

But it's a matter of degree. Larger pupils make a person seem more sexually attractive up to a point . Beyond that point, they tend to look abnormal. A model in a dark studio might well have pupils that are dilated beyond the point of enhancing attractiveness.

Your point is indisputable. It is very much a matter of degree.

The illustration below shows the extremes. The optimum pupil size (for attractiveness) would surely fall somewhere between them.

Agree again.

(To be fair to me, the OP was talking about "minimising" the pupils, not just reducing them a bit.)

Idea: Tell you what... if you can, why you don't you repeat Miss Bell's experiment? Shoot the young lady with her pupils displayed both ways,

"Both ways" misses the point. It isn't a question of dilated versus constricted. It's a question of degree, of how much they're dilated or constricted.

Yes. I suppose what I meant was, that the OP should shoot his model with the pupils of her blue eyes constricted to the degree that showed them off best in his opinion, and then again with them somewhat more dilated, just for comparison.

I certainly wasn't suggesting samples like that below.
[Thank you for finding that, picture. It is a goody!]

How about this copy of the Mona Lisa....(La Giocondo)...

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(somewhat lighter in tone than we usually see her, and with a lot of flare from the surface, but this has made the eyes easier to see into.)--

Are the pupils too large to be attractive, or just right? Or what?

Hmmm ... Nice shot, Leonardo!

And it is nice to see a portrait where the background is NOT blurred into oblivion!

"Ahh... But the thing is, they were not just ORDINARY time travellers!"

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