New LX5 Review w/S95, LX3 & EX1 Comps

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Re: Brian's Compact Camera Modesl Images

Brianug wrote:

I do some gallery landscape work with my DSLRs, but I love to shoot landscapes with my compacts also. Here's my "compact" landscape portfolio on photo net if you care to take a look.

Brian ,

Very nice daylight colors and skies in your:

very nice emphasis on, and use of, shadow-tones in your:

as well as use of shadow-tone-details in your:

and a hazy but sublime black and white in your:

In music, the spaces in between the tones sounded help to "shape and define" how the notes played are perceived. In imagery, I seek and pay a lot of attention to shadow-tone detail - as it plays a large part in "shaping and defining" the eyes' perceptions of the mid and highlight tones present. The "magic hours" near dusk/dawn afford one the opportunity to capture and include such (to me) important image-information. I like the way that your processes bring out that detail !

Magnitude perception is sight (as in hearing) is logarithmic in nature (i.e., deciBels, stops, etc.). Just as when louder music is heard as a reduced "Dynamic-Range" (Peak/Average Ratio) at higher absolute volume levels, strong highlights in an image seem (to my eyes) to have a similar effect.

It's very nice to see images that have been recorded and processed with the importance of those low-level shadow-tone contrasts in mind. While that low-level detail may well be obscured when viewed on uncalibrated display/monitor screens, it is a pleasure to see that important low-level image-information come forth on a calibrated display/monitor screen, revealing worlds within worlds often lost and obscured in the more common pursuit of capturing high "contrast-ratio" scenes.

Regards, DM ...

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