S95 vs G12 .... beating a dead horse?

Started Oct 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: S95 vs G12 .... beating a dead horse?

I think that you should get the G12. In your first post, the bias was obvious and it is obvious again in this post. I am an over-analyzer like you and in the past I have driven myself insane doing comparisons. I have ended up with 2 cameras and the 1st one I bought always ended up being the right decision for me in the end. When it came time to choose a low light pocket camera, I just went ahead and bought the S95. I knew I wasn't a big fan of Panasonic's color and I thought Samsung didn't handle noise very well. Normally I would have sat there and compared the 3 cameras for a month and probably ended up with 2 of them. Instead I just went with my 1st instinct and I am quite happy.

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