A quick trip to Yosemite

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A quick trip to Yosemite

Dave Anderson and I took the rather long drive up there yesterday, and having started late we were rewarded with surprisingly sparse crowds and decent light. It was mostly a scouting trip -- a chance to get a feel for the place.

The first three shots here are of Bridalveil Falls. I got my left foot wet on this one:

I took off my shoe and sock and rolled up my pants first though, so it was deliberate if not also a little cold.

I took two shots, stitched them together, and then applied Perspective Correction in Photoshop to it:

I goofed up on that shot though. I meant to spin the PC lens around 180° and instead I spun it 150°, so the bottom ended up being cropped more than I intended, but that turned out fortuitous because I like the proportions of the final photo. BTW, after all was said and done, this file ended up being about 14 MP, which is one of the reasons having a larger sensor with lots of pixels can be important to me.

All the shots I took yesterday were taken with my A850 and Schneider Super Angulon 28/2.8 PC; except for this one of Bridalveil Falls, which was taken with my A850 and Dave's Minolta 100/2.8 (an excellent lens BTW):

Handheld and taken from the parking lot, we were trying to capture the rainbows that were forming in the fall's mist as the sun shined on it, you can see a little of that at the bottom.

I'm sure we could have spent the rest of the late afternoon there, but it was time to go off exploring some more of the valley floor, and time was a "wasting."

Speaking of time, if we had more of it then I would have broken out the 50mm for this shot as well, but I do like the way the road comes up to the viewer at this AOV:

Did I mention that the place was pretty quiet while we were there?

Here's Ahwahnee Meadow:

When the light isn't the greatest, consider B&W.

Finally, El Capitan as the sun was setting:

Even with the Perspective Control on the lens I was using, shots like this one still required additional correction in Photoshop. The valley floor is pretty steep and narrow, so I was looking up a lot and my neck was a little stiff as we left the park (the long drive may have been partly to blame for that as well).

As I said, it was a scouting trip, so we're planning on returning as the seasons change, and the late spring should be especially rewarding as the waterfalls all come to life and the meadows turn into small lakes that reflect the domes. The way I figure it, you get one or maybe to really good shot opportunities a day, so it's going to take awhile to accumulate what I would consider an adequate collection of "keepers" from this iconic venue, and it's going to involve a lot of 7 hour plus round-trip drives over the next year or two. Anyway, it's a start.

Feel free to share some of your own Yosemite shots if you have them. I'm pretty sure Dave has some and I hope to see some of them here too.


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