Canon 7D or Nikon D7000

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Re: D7000 is the winner for several reasons.

Ah one of our Nikon trolls at work again...

jonrobertp wrote:

1. price

Still you get less performance - thus price is not

2. weight is considerably less.

A few grams but that come at a price in terms of viewfinder size, viewfinder eye point. Less weight is not always better. Still Nikon lenses are weighing more than comparable Canon lenses, thus the weight distribution is worse for sure.

3. size/volume is 10% less. fits in bag better.

A few gillimeters? Get a life. I don't have large hands and the 7D fits snugly - the D7000 looks to be smaller and thus less convenient.

4. AF during video

Have you seen that operate? If it is anything like the D3100 its useless.

5. sensor is 10% larger

And what implications does that have? None whatsoever in terms of quality. The Nikon D300s with it's equally large sensor and lower resolution and it neither managed to have better ISO performance at 100% view (and at normal viewing sizes the quality didn't hold up to the high standard the 7D sets). So let's wait what the Nikon manages in this regard.

6. newer by 12 mo., means more R&D time for IQ.

As Nikon couldn't build upon the R&D by Sony this is a misconception - for the first time they have to roll their own without the backing of Sony...

7. 25000 iso.

Yeah, let's see if

8. 24-120 F4 lens is 7% wider and 7% longer than the 24-105 on a 1.6.

Which still isn't very wide, nor is it very long. That lens range is awkward on a crop DSLR - and the lens still is an unknown quantity.

9. more AF...and likely less issues/complaints.

More isn't better, the Canon has cross type sensor where the D7000 only has piddly incapable line type sensors - all the cross type sensors are clumped into the middle of the frame and most AF point selection schemes the camera offers reduce this to one single cross type sensor.


the drawback is I have to sell some of my Canon lenses (ok , the 17-55 2.8 has frequent I.S. issues fine)..and get a few new Nikon lenses.

Canon user planning to go Nikon. Better product.

Go and please please never every come back. The 7D has

  • better autofocus

  • faster frame rate

  • better video

  • better viewfinder

  • faster card writing speed (the D7000 only takes SD cards which are whoefully slow, but for Nikon this doesn't matter as the card interface of even the large cameras sucks badly)

  • better resolution

  • less expensive and better lenses for most uses...

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