Tips to minimize pupils in dark 'studio'?

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Re: Tips to minimize pupils in dark 'studio'?

Sirthx wrote:

Barry, that was a great read so thanks for posting it. In this case it has very little to do with culture. I just happen to have a model coming next week that has spectacular ice-blue eyes, and she's requesting a very tight close-up style headshot. Her blue eyes are the most striking feature and she wants to showcase them in this particular session.

Large pupils will minimize their impact.

Well, there you go. I happen to think that small pupils minimise the impact of whole eye, no matter how pretty the colour. Naturally, it depends on how large the pupils actually are relative to the area of the pupil....

..... and anyway..

.... people with blue eyes are more sensitive to light than those with brown, so you might have trouble getting anything other than pupils that are well stopped-down...

Idea: Tell you what... if you can, why you don't you repeat Miss Bell's experiment?

Shoot the young lady with her pupils displayed both ways, then post the pictures here and see which version of her eyes are voted most attractive... A tight headshot should be just the thing.

It's a suggestion... [??] Could be instructive. [??]

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