Is it worthwhile for Noobie to get CZ 16-80mm f3.5-4.5?

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What I hate.....

kozmoc wrote:

After having a dslr it is impossible to try and shoot kids with a point and shoot. The recycle time seems like an eternity.

What I found with all my P&S cameras.... I had 4 of them... are the following:

1. The flash... all of them built in flash and direct! Not bouncable and not very strong.


2. The fact that you always get the shot.... just that much of a second too late, even when you press the button half way down first!!! I lost SOOOOOO many pictures to its slowness to "take the picture"!!! I was constantly frustrated. Now, with my A700, I only miss half to a quarter of them instead of 95% of them.

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