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Herman Roote
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Re: Photog / Reporter attacked

Simon wrote:

Saw on the TV tonght some footage of a photographer being attacked
and beaten to the ground by some friends / relatives of a suspect
in a murder / rape case.

The photographer was standing outside a courthouse here in Sydney
getting some pics for a newspaper - these thugs came out of the
courtroom . . . . microphones came out, cameras started snapping,
cameras rolling etc

Someone must have pushed a wrong button on these fellas because all
of a sudden they started to push and shove this photog - then fists
came out and they thumped the poor bloke to the ground

Now the bad part - they picked up one of the DSLR's this guy was
carrying and from a fully arm-outstetched overhead postion, this
thug / moron threw the camera into the road. Needless to say it
disintergrated (bits of camera and lens went in all directions)

Good news is that it was a Canon - whew thank god for that.

Seriously, this poor photographer got beaten up rather badly - he's
laid charges and the attackers were all arrested and charged = Good

I reckon my heart missed I beat when I saw that camera hit the road.

Geez what these guys have to do to get good material these days.

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  • Simon, Sydney

The thugs are lucky the photog wasn't carrying a DX1, a round house with this weapon would have been a different story.


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