A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Re: A picture is worth a thousand words.--HRod/ san-AA

beckmn1 wrote:

I also wanted to add to the discussion on how in-camera sharpening affects things. In a valid comparative test, all cameras should be equipped with similar prime lenses, no sharpening, RAW formats.

Im going to tell you, it is nice not having to sharpen at all. I had the HR conversion done on one of my cams, D300s and it is amazingly sharp and halo free. I was at first very concerned at MOIRE but the only time Ive seen it is when I forced a shot at a monitor. I can see some in the JPEGS, but when LR3 processes the images, there is none.

It is really sharp! The 18-200 is now crisp like a prime or 70-200/24-70 was before and they look even better now. Halo free sharpness add a nice crispness or micro contrast to the image in my opinion. Nothing drastic but it belies the performance of a 12MP camera.


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