Firmware LX3 2.2 now online

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Firmware update 2.2

WOW, some very good humor, paranoia, and attitudes in this thread.

I keep all firmware updates so I can roll a revision back if necessary. In the case of the LX3, all it takes to roll back is a copy of the old firmware and some trickery in the form of renumbering it.

If I roll my firmware back to 1.1 and load 2.1, it takes about 30 seconds for the update to complete.

Roll back to 1.1 again and update to 2.2, it takes about 8 seconds.

Panasonic cleaned up the code, end of story.

Perhaps they included some additional internal diagnostics for when these cameras start breaking and they have to fix it, who knows.

In any case, an update was issued, it loads faster, and is different in no other ways I can perceive. To me that means "Optimization of software processing. The change in software version has no effect on camera performance."

P.S. The blocking of 3rd party batteries on OTHER Panasonic batteries is offensive if not clearly stated in the update. On the other hand, corporations and governments are finally moving against China's deliberate manipulative devaluation of their currency, which is China's effort to hurt anyone that works in a country other then China.

I understand why Panasonic and thousands of other companies are moving against clone products and support it.

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